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New Fortinet NSE4-5.4 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 16)

Q1. What methods can be used to deliver the token code to a user who is configured to use two-factor authentication? (Choose three.)

A. Code blocks

B. SMS phone message

C. FortiToken

D. Browser pop-up window

E. Email

Answer: B,C,E

Q2. How does FortiGate verify the login credentials of a remote LDAP user?

A. FortiGate sends the user entered credentials to the LDAP server for authentication.

B. FortiGate re-generates the algorithm based on the login credentials and compares it against the algorithm stored on the LDAP server.

C. FortiGate queries its own database for credentials.

D. FortiGate queries the LDAP server for credentials.

Answer: D

Q3. What statement describes what DNS64 does?

A. Converts DNS A record lookups to AAAA record lookups.

B. Translates the destination IPv6 address of the DNS traffic to an IPv4 address.

C. Synthesizes DNS AAAA records from A records.

D. Translates the destination IPv4 address of the DNS traffic to an IPv6 address.

Answer: B

Q4. If traffic matches a DLP filter with the action set to Quarantine IP Address, what action does the FortiGate take?

A. It blocks all future traffic for that IP address for a configured interval.

B. It archives the data for that IP address.

C. It provides a DLP block replacement page with a link to download the file.

D. It notifies the administrator by sending an email.

Answer: A

Q5. View the exhibit.

Based on this output, which statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. FortiGate generated an event log for system conserve mode.

B. FortiGate has entered in to system conserve mode.

C. By default, the FortiGate blocks new sessions.

D. FortiGate changed the global av-failopen settings to idledrop.

Answer: B,C

Q6. View the exhibit.

A user behind the FortiGate is trying to go to http://www.addictinggames.com (Addicting.Games). Based on this configuration, which statement is true?

A. Addicting.Games is allowed based on the Application Overrides configuration.

B. Addicting.Games is blocked based on the Filter Overrides configuration.

C. Addicting.Games can be allowed only if the Filter Overrides actions is set to Exempt.

D. Addicting.Games is allowed based on the Categories configuration.

Answer: A

Q7. What inspections are executed by the IPS engine? (Choose three.)

A. Application control

B. Flow-based data leak prevention

C. Proxy-based antispam

D. Flow-based web filtering

E. Proxy-based antivirus

Answer: A,B,D

Q8. Which statements about application control are true? (Choose two.)

A. Enabling application control profile in a security profile enables application control for all the traffic flowing through the FortiGate.

B. It cannot take an action on unknown applications.

C. It can inspect encrypted traffic.

D. It can identify traffic from known applications, even when they are using non-standard TCP/UDP ports.

Answer: A,D

Q9. Why must you use aggressive mode when a local FortiGate IPsec gateway hosts multiple dialup tunnels?

A. The FortiGate is able to handle NATed connections only with aggressive mode.

B. FortiClient supports aggressive mode.

C. The remote peers are able to provide their peer IDs in the first message with aggressive mode.

D. Main mode does not support XAuth for user authentication.

Answer: B

Q10. Which statements about One-to-One IP pool are true? (Choose two.)

A. It allows configuration of ARP replies.

B. It allows fixed mapping of an internal address range to an external address range.

C. It is used for destination NAT.

D. It does not use port address translation.

Answer: B,D

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