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The option to skip to the next step is available only if a step has subsequent steps.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: A

OWD of child is always determined by OWD of parent.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: B

How can a developer restrict access to records?

  • A. By changing the organization-wide defaults
  • B. By creating manual sharing
  • C. By creating a new role hierarchy
  • D. By creating a public group

Answer: A

What is the use of Data Categories?


    Explanation: objects. It means none of the fields are tracked for any of the objects. Any changes to records owned by a user are automatically followed on Chatter. To disable this feature, go to Setup -> My Chatter Settings -> My Feeds and check the checkbox for 'Stop automatically

    A single Sales Process can be assigned to multiple opportunity record types.

    • A. True
    • B. False

    Answer: A

    Upon doing which operations on a file, does a user own a file in Chatter?


      Explanation: You own a file in Chatter when you: a. Upload the file on the Files tab. b. Attach the file to a feed in Chatter. c. Upload (i.e. contribute) the file in Salesforce CRM Content. You own the files you upload or contribute.

      Checking 'Grant Access Using Hierarchies' gives what type of access to records owned by subordinates?

      • A. Read, Edit
      • B. Read, Edit, Delete
      • C. Depends on what access the profile of the senior has for that object out of Read, Edit, Delete.

      Answer: C

      What is the difference between Apex Data Loader and Import Wizard as far as displaying error messages is concerned?


        Explanation: Apex Data Loader
        Always gives error messages for failures. Error message given if text value provided in field of type number and loading of the record fails irrespective of whether the field is a compulsorily required field or not. Import Wizard. Is not consistent in giving error messages. For example, if a text value is specified in a field of type number (PAN number custom field created on Contact of type Number),

        NEW QUESTION 9
        A picklist called Section on Account has these 2 values A, B. How would you write a validation rule on this picklist to ensure that user selects either A or B while creating an account?


          Explanation: It has got locked out, check the ‘Lockout effective period’ duration from ‘Setup -> Security Controls -> Password Policies’

          NEW QUESTION 10
          CORRECT TEXT
          What are the various ways of disabling Chatter?


            Explanation: To remove Chatter tab from the top horizontal bar, remove it from the 'Selected Tabs' from 'Customize My Tabs' from the '+' sign. To remove Chatter link altogether for all profiles, go to Setup -> Customize -> Chatter -> Settings and uncheck 'Enable'. Now Chatter link will not be available even if the '+' sign is clicked. To remove Chatter link altogether only for a specific profile, go to Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles -> -> Objects and Tabs -> Chatter -> Edit and select'

            NEW QUESTION 11
            CORRECT TEXT
            What values are available for Field-level security?


              Explanation: Visible, Read-Only

              NEW QUESTION 12
              Which function verifies the format of the data?

              • A. CASE
              • B. ISNEW
              • C. REGEX
              • D. IF

              Answer: C

              NEW QUESTION 13
              Which of the following are true about custom objects? (Select all that apply):

              • A. Salesforce provides a set of custom objects that you can use to store data.
              • B. After you create a custom object, you need to add the user interface.
              • C. Custom objects come with an infrastructure including reporting, auditing and access control.
              • D. When you create a custom object, you get a direct access to the database.
              • E. Custom objects are reportable and search

              Answer: CE

              NEW QUESTION 14
              CORRECT TEXT
              For which objects, cloning is not possible?


                Explanation: Account, Solution, User

                NEW QUESTION 15
                CORRECT TEXT
                The recruiting team would like the Programming Languages field to display only when the department is specified as Engineering on a job application. What tool should you use?


                  Explanation: Page layout with Record Type - create a record type for certain types of job application records and select to display pertinent fields using page layouts for each record type

                  NEW QUESTION 16
                  Which of the following statements are true? (Select all that apply.)

                  • A. The ISCHANGED function compares the value of a field with its previous value and returns TRUE if the values are differen
                  • B. If the values are the same, this function returnsFALSE.
                  • C. The ISNUMBER function determines if a text value is a number and returns TRUE if it is; otherwise, it returns FALSE.
                  • D. The ISNEW function compares a text field to a regular expression

                  Answer: AB

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