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Employees in an organization with Salesforce who do not have a Salesforce license can join Chatter.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: A

Which are the 6 Standard profiles?


    Explanation: Standard profiles:- System Administrator, Contract Manager, Solution Manager, Marketing User, Standard User, Read Only

    What are the limits for Visualforce pages?


      Explanation: Up to 1Mb of content, can display up to 15Mb of data

      The 'Sharing' button has been added to the page layout of 'Associate' custom object. On any Associate record, the Sharing button is not visible for sharing that record using an Apex Sharing Reason. What could be the reason?


        Explanation: OWD of Associate must be public read/write. So sharing is not required for any Associate record. So the Sharing button does not show up.

        NEW QUESTION 5
        Can a single permission set be assigned to users of different profiles?


          Explanation: Yes. But only if both the users are using the same ‘User License’, for example the ‘Salesforce’ user license. This is because a single permission set can be associated with only one user license at the time of creating the permission set. (This field is not editable once the permission set has been created.)

          NEW QUESTION 6
          If a record that has an action pending against it in the time-based workflow queue is modified so that the record no longer meets the criteria or the timing changes, the action will be updated in the queue.

          • A. True
          • B. False

          Answer: A

          NEW QUESTION 7
          CORRECT TEXT
          What are the 3 types of custom tabs?


            Explanation: 1. Custom object tab
            2. Web tab
            3. Visualforce tab

            NEW QUESTION 8
            What are the different ways a flow can be deployed? (Select all that apply.)

            • A. Custom button
            • B. Custom link
            • C. Visualforce page
            • D. Apex trigger
            • E. Field Updates
            • F. Custom actions

            Answer: ABC

            NEW QUESTION 9
            CORRECT TEXT
            Which characters in the unique record Id identify the object to which it relates?


              Explanation: The first 3 characters

              NEW QUESTION 10
              CORRECT TEXT
              If a field is marked as 'Visible' in 'Field-level security' and 'Read-Only' on the page layout, then how would the field be available to the end user as Visible (i.e. editable) or Read- Only?


                Explanation: Read-Only

                NEW QUESTION 11
                Organization wide default (OWD) is the first check used for determining access to records a user does not own.

                • A. True
                • B. False

                Answer: A

                NEW QUESTION 12
                CORRECT TEXT
                For the 'Clone' button to appear on a record page, what permission should be available at the profile level for that object in the profile to which the user belongs?


                  Explanation: Create

                  NEW QUESTION 13
                  Which of the following best defines controllers?

                  • A. A set of instructions specifying what happens when a user interacts with the components specified in the pag
                  • B. Available for all standard and custom objects.
                  • C. These contain the code for displaying a custom user Interface, and are a combination of standard Web technologies such as HTML JavaScript (including AJAX), and Flex.
                  • D. These are either standard or custom UI const

                  Answer: A

                  NEW QUESTION 14
                  CORRECT TEXT
                  What is the record limit for loading records using import wizards?


                    Explanation: 50,000

                    NEW QUESTION 15
                    If a lookup field is optional, what actions can you define for the field if someone deletes a referenced lookup record? (Select all that apply)

                    • A. Clear the value of this field
                    • B. Delete all records which contain this reference
                    • C. Don't allow deletion of the lookup record that's part of a lookup relationship
                    • D. Delete this record also

                    Answer: ACD

                    NEW QUESTION 16
                    If a role is added to Case Team, then it will get added to which of the following teams?

                    • A. Account Team
                    • B. Sales Team
                    • C. None of them

                    Answer: C

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