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New Avaya 6210 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q4. To log in to the Avaya Aurau00ae Media Server (AAMS) Element Manager (EM) from a browser, you must enter the correct URL.

Which URL format is correct to access the AAMS Element Manager (EM)?

A. https://<serveraddress>:em

B. https://<serveraddress>:8800/em

C. https://<serveraddress>:/em

D. https://<serveraddress>:8443/em

Answer: C

Q5. Which three statements about Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center (AACC) Licensing are true? (Choose three.)

A. Agent licenses are availablefor both Nodal and Corporate Licensing.

B. A Corporate Enterprise license type is for a network ofAvaya Aurau00ae Contact Center installations.

C. The Nodal Enterprise license type controls the licensing for a singleAvaya Aurau00ae Contact Center node.

D. The licensing grace period duration is 15 days.

E. Nodal Enterprise licensing supports a Standby License Manager.

Answer: B,C,E

Q6. In Contact Center Release 7, Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) stores information in a Cache Database.

Which three statements regarding the Cache database are true? (Choose three.)

A. It simplifies the overall solution as all components use a common database.

B. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact CenterRelease 7 updates the version of Cache 2015 to Intersystem Cache.

C. The Cache database technology supports database shadowing for fault tolerant and mission critical solutions such as AACC.

D. All data is now replicated and there is no need for a CCMA backup and restore.

Answer: A,C,D

Q7. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center (AACC) uses Avaya Aurau00ae Media Server (AAMS) media processing capabilities.

When adding the AAMS in Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA), which three statements regarding the Master Content Store are true? (Choose three.)

A. If the AAMS server does not contain existing contact center media, CCMA uploads base media to it.

B. Select the Master Content Store check box for only one media server.

C. Select the Master Content Store check box for the AAMS server that manages media and prompts.

D. Select the Master Content Store check box for each media server.

Answer: A,B,C

Q8. Which two statements about the License Manager (LM) Configuration utility are true? (Choose two.)

A. The License Manager Configuration utility can be used to download the license file from the Avaya license website.

B. License Manager supports a WebLM License File and the Avaya WebLM Server on a virtualmachine.

C. The License Manager provides central control and administration of application licensing for all features of the Contact Center.

D. The license file on the server can be edited where License Manager is installed.

Answer: B,C

Q9. After a successful installation of Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center, Avaya releases a patch for this particular site that is required to fix a problem reported for the CCMS. Currently, the service pack AvayaCC_CCMS_7. is installed under CCMS and no roll-up patches have been installed yet.

What is a valid name for the site specific patch?

A. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

B. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

C. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

D. AvayaCC_CCMS_7.

Answer: D

Q10. For Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) High Availability (HA), you must backup the active server database, restore it onto the standby server and enable shadowing.

Database shadowing does not work if the difference in time between the active and the standby server database is greater than how many hours?

A. 72 Hours

B. 48 Hours

C. 24 Hours

D. 12 Hours

Answer: C

Q11. You are configuring the Windows Operating System for an Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center (AACC) installation.

Which setting will you select for Data Execution Prevention (DEP)?

A. Turn off DEP for all programs and services.

B. Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.

C. Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those specifically selected.

D. Turn on DEP for all AACC programs and services.

Answer: B

Q12. You have increased the multicast time to live value on the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS).

After changing the value, which CCMS service must be restarted so that the new value can take effect?

A. CCMS SDP_Service, the Statistical Data Propagator Service

B. CCMS RSM_Service, the Real-Time Statistical Manager Service

C. CCMS RDC_Service, the Real-Time Data Calculator Service

D. CCMS IS_Service, the Intrinsic Service

Answer: A

Q13. You are preparing to install an Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center R7 (AACC) on a server that has been supplied by the customer. You need to verify that the server meets the requirements to run AACC.

In which Avaya support document will you find the server requirements?

A. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center Overview and Specifications

B. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center and Avaya Aurau00ae Unified Communications Platform Integration

C. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center Administration

D. Avaya Aurau00ae Contact Center Commissioning for Avaya Aurau00ae Unified Communications

Answer: A

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