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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

Which measure does ISIS use to avoid sending traffic with a wrong MTU configuration?

A. ISIS does not protect from MTU mismatch.

B. MTU value is communicated in ISIS Sequence Number PDUs (SNP) and ISIS adjacency is not established if an MTU mismatch is detected

C. ISIS uses path MTU discovery as specified in RFC 1063.

D. ISIS uses padding of hello packets to full MTU.

Answer: D

New Questions 3

Refer to the exhibit.

Which IPv6 migration method is in use on this network ?

A. 6to4 tunnel


C. ISATAP tunnel

D. dual stack

Answer: B

New Questions 4

Which two statements about RIPng are true? (Choose two)

A. IPv6 can support as many as 8 equal-cost routes.

B. IPv6 can support as many as 32 equal-cost routes.

C. A route with a metric of 15 is advertised as unreachable.

D. Both inbound and outbound route filtering can be implemented on a single interface.

E. 16 is the maximum metric it can advertise.

Answer: D,E

New Questions 5

What is the default time-out value of an ARP entry in Cisco IOS Software?

A. 720 minutes

B. 240 minutes

C. 60 minutes

D. 480 minutes

E. 120 minutes

Answer: B

New Questions 6

Which two statements about the BGP community attribute are true?(Choose two.)

A. Routers send the community attribute to all BGP neighbors automatically.

B. A router can change a received community attribute before advertising it to peers.

C. It is a well-known, discretionary BGP attribute.

D. It is an optional transitive BGP attribute.

E. A prefix can support only one community attribute.

Answer: B,D

New Questions 7

Which command can you enter on an interface so that the interface will notify the sender of a packet that the packet that the path is sub-optimal?

A. ip nhrp record

B. ip nhrp set-unique-bit

C. ip nhrp shortcut

D. ip nhrp redirect

E. ip nhrp cost 65535

Answer: D

New Questions 8

Which three statements about AToM are true?(choose three.

A. It requires Layer 3 routing between the PE and CE router.

B. It supports interworking for Frame Relay,PPP,andEthernet,but not ATM

C. It requires MPLS between the PE routers

D. The attachment circuit is configured with the xconnectcommand

E. IP CEF should be disabled in the PE routers.

F. The PE routers must share the same VC idenifier.

Answer: B,C,F

New Questions 9

Which three responses can a remote RADIUS server return to a client? (choose three.

A. Reject-Access

B. Access-Accept

C. Access-Reject

D. Accept-confirmed

E. Reject-Challenge

F. Access-Challenge

Answer: B,C,F

New Questions 10

Which data modeling language is commonly used by NETCONF?





Answer: C

New Questions 11


Your network is suffering excessive output drops. Which two actions can you take to resolve the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Install a switch with larger buffers.

B. Configure a different queue set.

C. Reconfigure the switch buffers.

D. Configure the server application to use TCP.

E. Update the server operating system.

Answer: A,B

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