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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 14 - Question 23)

Question No: 14

Which statement describes how much of the DSP resources are reserved for video conference when voice-service dsp-reservation 40 is configured on a Cisco lntegrated Router Generation 2 with packet voice and video digital signal processor 3?

A. 60% of the total available DSP resources

B. 40% of the total available DSP resources

C. 50% of the total available DSP resources

D. Video conferencing resources are reserved dynamically by Cisco lOS and cannot be changed.

E. This command is used for voice resource reservation only.

Answer: A

Question No: 15

A Cisco Unified Cm user is set up with one remote destination profile that has two remote destination numbers: the first destination number is the user's mobile phone in country A and the second is a mobile phone located in country . All outbound calls are centralized from the gateway at country A. The user reports that inbound calls are properly routed to the mobile phone as long as the user is in country A. But inbound calls are not successfully routed to country B. Which two options could be the cause of this? (Choose two)

A. The enable mobile connect option must be selected under the user's second remote destination number.

B. The value of remote destination limits should be chaned to 2 instead of the default value of 4 under the end user page.

C. The enable mobile voice access option must be selected under the end user page.

D. The value of maximum wait time for desk pickup should be changed to 20000 instead of the default of D. 10000, under the end user page.

E. The rerouting calling search space assigned to the user's remote destination profile must have access to international calls.

Answer: A,E

Question No: 16

A Cisco Unified Contact Center Express manager wants to add database integration to the selfservice interactive voice response application. Which four types of licensing and database servers support this requirement? (Choose four.)

A. The server must have enhanced licensing.

B. The server must have premium licensing.

C. A server running Sybase Adaptive Server is required.

D. A server running Oracle is required.

E. A server running Postgress SQL is required.

F. A server running SAP SQL server is required.

G. A server running Microsoft SQL server is required.

H. The server must have standard licensing.

Answer: B, C, D,G

Question No: 17

A collaboration engineer is configuring Cisco Unified Mobility and found that when mobile phone hangs up, the calling party gets reorder tone and resume softkey does not show on deskphone. lf calling party waits for 45 seconds, the resume softkey appears and call can be connected to the deskphone. Which two configuration modifications resolve this issue? (Choose two)

A. Configure voice call send-alert on voice gateway

B. Configure voice call convert-discpi-to-prog command on the gateway

C. Set the Retain media on disconnect with Pl for active call UCM service parameter to False

D. Configure voice call disc-pi-off command on the gateway

E. Set the call screening timer UCM service parameter to a higher value

F. Set the Send call to Mobile Menu Timer UCM service parameter to a lower value

Answer: CD

Question No: 18

Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer is troubleshooting a call routing issue where failed calls on the primary path (SiteA-RTR) were not sent to the secondary path (SiteC-RTR).

Why is CUCM unable to extend the call setup through SiteC-RTR?

A. Stop routing on Q.931 Disconnect cause code is set to 27

B. Stop routing on Unallocated Number Flag is set to true

C. Stop Routing on User Busy Flag is set to true

D. Retry count for SlP lnvite is set to 1

E. Retry count for SlP response is set to 1

Answer: B

Question No: 19

Which directory path on Cisco Unified CM publisher is used to temporarily store the Call Detail Records collected from other nodes until they are processed by the CDR Repository Manager?

A. car/yyyymmdd

B. preserve/yyyymmdd

C. cdr/yyyymmdd

D. collected/yyyymmdd

E. processed/yyyymmdd

Answer: B

Question No: 20

An engineer received this requirement from a service provider:

Diversion header should match the network DlD "123456@company.com" for Call Forward and transfer scenarios back to PSTN.

Which SlP profile configuration satisfies this request?

A. voice class sip-profiles 200

request lNVlTE sip-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" "123456@company.com>"

request RElNVlTE sip-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" "123456@company.com>"

B. voice class sip-profiles 200

request lNVlTE sdp-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" "123456@company.com>"

request RElNVlTE sdp-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" "123456@company.com>"

C. voice class sip-profiles 200

response 200 sdp-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" "123456@company.com>"

D. voice class sip-profiles 200

response 200 sip-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" "123456@company.com>"

Answer: A

Question No: 21

Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer is troubleshooting a NTP synchronized issue in CUCM. Why is NTP unsynchronized?

A. The NTP server used is a Windows based NTP server.

B. The lOS Command NTP server version 3 is advertising NTPv3.

C. The NTP server stratum is higher than four.

D. A firewall is blocking NTP port 123.

Answer: B

Question No: 22

Refer to the exhibit.

Which three events happen when Alice calls carol@cisco.com and the URl lookup policy on the Cisco Unified CM server has been set to case insensitive? (Choose three)

A. The RTP server routes the call to carol@cisco.com because remote URls have priority

B. The RTP sever looks up to see if carol@cisco.com is associated to a local number

C. The San Jose server calls carol@cisco.com upon receiving the invite request

D. The San Jose server provide carol's directory URl using lLS exchange

E. The RTP server sends the call to carol@cisco.com because it has priority

F. The RTP server drops the call because it has two identical matches

Answer: B,D,E

Question No: 23

Refer to the exhibit.

A voicemail administrator was asked to create a call handler for the sales department with the following requirements:

After creating the call handler and making some test calls only the default system greeting is heard. Which four configuration changes are needed to company with this business request? (Choose four.)

A. disable the Alternate Greeting under Call Handler Greetings

B. create a new closed schedule and assign it to the sales Call Handler

C. record a new Greeting and assign it to the Alternate Greeting

D. record a new Greeting and assign it to the Holiday Greeting

E. record a new Greeting and assign it to the lnternal Greeting

F. create a new holiday schedule to be used by the Holiday Greeting

G. disable the lnternal Greeting under Call Handler Greeting

H. enable the Closed Greeting under Call Handler Greetings

Answer: C,D,E,F

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