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An engineer is using policy trace tool to debug how a message is processed by the ESA. Which option is the expected behavior from the tool?

  • A. The sections of configuration tested by the tool are performed in a random order.
  • B. A message body cannot be populated via an upload.
  • C. The test message created by the tool is distributed.
  • D. A message is emulated as being accepted by a listener

Answer: D

Which option describes a customer benefit of the Cisco Security IntelliShield Alert Manager?

  • A. It provides access to threat and vulnerability information for Cisco related products only.
  • B. It consolidates vulnerability information from an internal Cisco source, which allows security personnel to focus on remediation and proactive protection versus research.
  • C. It provides effective and timely security intelligence via early warnings about new threats and technology vulnerabilities.
  • D. It enhances the efficiency of security staff with accurate, noncustomizable threat intelligence, critical remediation information, and easy-to-use workflow tools.

Answer: C

A web security appliance is inspecting inbound traffic. In which sequence is inbound https traffic inspected?

  • A. Routing Policy > Decryption Policy > Access Policy
  • B. Access Policy > Decryption Policy > Routing Policy
  • C. Routing Policy > Access Policy > Decryption Policy
  • D. Decryption Policy > Access Policy > Routing Policy
  • E. Decryption Policy > Routing Policy > Access Policy
  • F. Access Policy > Routing Policy > Decryption Policy

Answer: B

300-210 dumps exhibit
300-210 dumps exhibit
300-210 dumps exhibit
Which three statements about the Cisco IPS appliance configurations are true? (Choose three.)

  • A. The maximum number of denied attackers is set to 10000.
  • B. The block action duraton is set to 3600 seconds.
  • C. The Meta Event Generator is globally enabled.
  • D. Events Summarization is globally disabled.
  • E. Threat Rating Adjustment is globally disabled.

Answer: ABC

A customer has recently purchased Cisco Application Visibility and Control and requires an AVC application profile to control a recognized application.
Which two actions can be defined when creating an application profile? (Choose two.)

  • A. drop
  • B. tag
  • C. mark
  • D. alert
  • E. allow

Answer: AC

Which feature does Acceptable Use Controls use to implement Cisco AVC?

  • A. ISA
  • B. Cisco Web Usage Controls
  • C. Cisco WSA
  • D. Cisco ESA

Answer: B

An engineer is trying to configuring email encryption on Cisco ESA. Which technology could be used as a key server?

  • A. Cisco Registered Envelop Service
  • B. Local CA
  • C. Cisco Talos Services
  • D. Cisco ISE

Answer: B

When a Cisco IPS is deployed in fail-closed mode, what are two conditions that can result in traffic being dropped? (Choose two.)

  • A. The signature engine is undergoing the build process.
  • B. The SDF failed to load.
  • C. The built-in signatures are unavailable.
  • D. An ACL is configured.

Answer: AB

Which statement about the Cisco ASACX role in inspecting SSL traffic is true?

  • A. To decrypt traffic, the Cisco ASACX must accept the websites' certificates as Trusted Root Cas.
  • B. If the administrator elects to decrypt traffic, the Cisco ASACX acts as a man-in—me-middle.
  • C. Either all traffic is decrypted, or no traffic is decrypted by the Cisco ASACX.
  • D. The traffic is encrypted, so the Cisco ASACX cannot determine the content of the traffic.

Answer: B

Which two are valid suppression types on a Cisco Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System?

  • A. Port
  • B. Rule
  • C. Source
  • D. Application
  • E. Protocol

Answer: BC

What can you use to access the Cisco IPS secure command and control channel to make configuration changes?

  • A. SDEE
  • B. the management interface
  • C. an HTTP server
  • D. Telnet

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
300-210 dumps exhibit
The security engineer has configured Cisco cloud web security redirection on a Cisco ASA firewall. Which statement describes what can be determined from exhibit?

  • A. In case of issues, the next step should be to perform debugging on the Cisco ASA.
  • B. The URL visited by the user was LAB://testgroup.
  • C. This out has been obtained by browsing to
  • D. The IP address of the Scansafe tower is

Answer: C

An engineer is configuring a Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) and chooses "Preferred" as the settings for TLS on a HAT Mail Flow Policy. Which result occurs?.

  • A. TLS is allowed for outgoing connections to MTA
  • B. Connection to the listener require encrypted Simp Mail Transfer Protocol conversations
  • C. TLS is allowed for incoming connections to the listener from MTAs, even after a STARTTLS command received
  • D. TLS is allowed for incoming connections to the listener from MTA
  • E. Until a STARTTLS command received, the ESA responds with an error message to every command other than No Option, EHLO, or QUIT.
  • F. TLS is allowed for outgoing connections to the listener from MTA
  • G. Until a STARTTLS command received, the ESA responds with an error message to every command other than No Option (NOOP), EHLO, or QUIT.

Answer: D

Which option is omitted from a query on a ESA virtual appliance?

  • A. raidrable
  • B. FailoverHealthy
  • C. keyExpiration
  • D. CPUUtilizationExceeded

Answer: A

300-210 dumps exhibit
300-210 dumps exhibit
300-210 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: We need to create a policy map named inside-policy and send the traffic to the CXSC blade:
    ASA-FW# config t
    ASA-FW(config)# policy-map inside-policy
    ASA-FW(config-pmap)# policy-map inside-policy ASA-FW(config-pmap)# class class-default
    ASA-FW(config-pmap-c)# cxsc fail-close auth-proxy ASA-FW(config-pmap-c)# exit
    ASA-FW(config-pmap)# exit
    The fail-close is needed as per instructions that if the CX module fails, no traffic should be allowed. The auth-proxy keyword is needed for active authentication.
    Next, we need to apply this policy map to the inside interface: ASA-FW(config)#service-policy inside-policy interface inside. Finally, verify that the policy is active:
    ASA-FW# show service-policy interface inside Interface inside:
    Service-policy: inside-policy Class-map: class-default
    Default QueueingCXSC: card status Up, mode fail-close, auth-proxy enabled Packet input 181, packet output 183, drop 0, reset-drop 0, proxied 0 Configuration guidelines can be found at this reference link:

    Which option is the main function of the Cisco CWS Connector on mobile devices?

    • A. it provides a connection to the FireAMP cloud to block threats that other security layers fail to detect.
    • B. it integrates with the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to provide web security.
    • C. it integrates with the Cisco NAC Agent to collect web-browser history for reporting purposes.
    • D. it integrates with the Cisco Firepower Management Console to manage application and web traffic.

    Answer: A

    What are two arguments that can be used with the show content-scan command in Cisco IOS software? (Choose two. )

    • A. data
    • B. session
    • C. buffer
    • D. statistics
    • E. verbose

    Answer: BD

    An engineer is configuring cisco ESA with a multilayer approach to fight virus and malware. Which two features can be used to fulfill that task?

    • A. Outbreak filters
    • B. White list
    • C. RAT
    • D. DLP
    • E. Sophos engine

    Answer: AE

    Refer to the exhibit.
    300-210 dumps exhibit
    The system administrator of received complaints that some messages that were sent from sender were delayed. Message tracking data on the sender shows that an email sample that was received was clean and properly delivered. What is the likely cause of the intermittent delays?

    • A. The remote MTA has a SenderBase Reputation Score of -1.0.
    • B. The remote MTA is sending emails from RFC 1918 IP addresses.
    • C. The remote MTA has activated the SUSPECTLIST sender group.
    • D. The remote MTA has activated the default inbound mail policy.

    Answer: C

    Which Cisco ASA object group type offers the most flexibility for grouping different services together based on arbitrary protocols?

    • A. network
    • B. ICMP
    • C. protocol
    • D. TCP-UDP
    • E. service

    Answer: E

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